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Jonathan Pie: FAKE NEWS - (The Corona Remix)

Jonathan Pie’s critically acclaimed, sell-out show is now available to download or stream! News reporter Jonathan Pie has been CANCELLED for an off-colour, on-air remark. Filmed in September 2021, Jonathan Pie returns to the stage to tell us what happened and how 2 years of lockdown, his estranged son, Boris Johnson and liberal snowflakes all helped stop his promising career in journalism in its tracks.

“Mesmerising” ***** Chortle
“Complex and challenging. Moving and hilarious.” David Baddiel
“Smarter, sharper, angrier and funnier” The Times

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Back to the Studio

Popular fake British newsman Jonathan Pie brings a rare authenticity to the political coverage of the day. But now his attempt to keep cool during a “rehearsal” for his latest topical discussion show is not going quite to plan…Attracting big audiences online and now in the flesh, this slice of Pie’s delicious fury will satisfy the most satirical of appetites.

Books & Audiobooks

Jonathan Pie Off the Record - Audiobook

In Off the Record, bitter and twisted leftie news reporter Jonathan Pie picks 10 of the world’s worst wankers and tears them apart.

Here you’ll find the answers to some difficult questions. Was Blair just a Tory in disguise? Did Cameron really have relations with that pig? Just how did we end up with President Donald Trump? It’s the ultimate guide to political arseholery. With extra swearing.

Read by Jonathan Pie.

Jonathan Pie Off the Record - Hardcover Book
Jonathan Pie is the frustrated news reporter who satirises the world of politics and the media. Known for venting his spleen in unguarded ‘off-camera’ rants, his online videos have been viewed by millions worldwide. His angry yet insightful diatribes have garnered him a massive online following which he is now hoping to convert into book sales.