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1st March 2018 in Back to the Studio

The Oxford Times

Jonathan Pie is a man with a lot to get off his chest – and that’s exactly what he did when he called in at the New Theatre for his…

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1st March 2018 in Back to the Studio

York Press

WHO is Jonathan Pie? He’s the spoof TV reporter famous for rabid, left-wing rants that have gained him thousands of online followers. Imagine a mash-up of Alan Partridge/David Brent /Alexei…

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28th February 2018 in Back to the Studio

60 Minutes With…

It’s not surprising how a couple of my American friends thought Jonathan Pie was a ‘real’ newsperson. Slightly ruffled suit, windswept hair, squinting into camera, he does appear to be…

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22nd February 2018 in Back to the Studio


At the National Theatre, Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is resurrecting the 1976 film Network, the rage-to-riches story of newsreader Howard Beale who’s ‘mad as hell and not going to take…

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28th February 2017 in Reviews


It’s a staggering tour-de-force of righteous visceral rage from Tom Walker, the actor behind Pie, relishing the chance to unleash hell; then snapping back to TV professionalism in the crackle of an earpiece.

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27th February 2017 in Reviews

Sunday Herald

Walker is arguably the UK’s sharpest political satirist since John Oliver. His alter-ego, the left-wing reporter Jonathan Pie, combines the brilliant characterisation of Al Murray the Pub Landlord with the radical anger of Mark Thomas.

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26th February 2017 in Reviews

The Scotsman

This show is a rant-fan’s delight. When JP gets torn into charities, the rich/poor divide, David Cameron and Theresa May, it is like watching him put metaphorical frogs in a blender.

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25th February 2017 in Reviews

Evening Standard

Actor Tom Walker, who plays Pie, builds up a blistering head of foul-mouthed steam as he rips apart targets on both sides of the Westminster divide.

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24th February 2017 in Reviews

ScotsGay Magazine

This is more than just a slash and stab at the banality of pop culture. It is an insight into the mind of a man whose inner animal has just felt the jaws of the trap break his ankle and is howling in pain.

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23rd February 2017 in Reviews

Broadway Baby

Arguably, it’s his attacks on those who are all too willing to be offended and outraged that is Jonathan Pie at his most powerful, insisting that genuine debate is at the heart of democracy… Brilliant, funny, angry, and above all intelligent.

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